Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I knew I wouldn't be any good at this:(

Okay, so its been forever since I posted anything...and sadly I knew I would be somewhat of a slacker, but this is ridiculus!!

So to get you'all up to speed....

Since my last post I have sadly joined the ranks of the many unemployed. I have never been without a job in my "adult" like and the initial shell shock was fairly extreme, but I tried to find the positive side and move on. I have been helping my Dad move his company and make adjustments with services and customers. In the meantime I have literally applied and mailed off over one hundred resumes and applications! My main focus is trying to get on with the State, but we all now how tough times are right now...So once the transition for Dad is over, I will be a job seeking fool, who would love to find the time to clean out and reorganize numerous closets and drawers in her home. After the divorce was final back in March that was a bif to do on my list, and go figure I never made the time:)

I am also looking at different paint samples, for my bedroom and the dining/family room spaces.

Okay, Brooklynn!!! WOW!! We had her two year pics done at good ole Sears again this year, a little over two years:) And she was amazing!!! If I can figure out how to post pics I will include a couple on here. She was little miss model, posing, smiling..I swear that girl is like air to me!!!

We also went to the Falls Park this fall and saw the salmon running. Brooklynn was very interested and loved the walk, she is a pretty outgoing gal, talking over the two lil boys who joined us! The lil boys constantly wanted "up" and for some reason B just wanted to keep on trucking!

We had Shan and Kara's birthdays this fall as well, both gals looked great as usual! And B and I were so thankful they included us on their days! Brooklynn is VERY much in love with Kara's stairs and cat..

This was the third year of taking B to Hunter's pumpkin patch and to Lattins Cider Mill for the Halloween festivities. I would have to say she enjoyed Hunter's alot more, considering I spent a "fortune" on tickets for the potato sack slide!!! She wouldve goen done that slide all day if I had let her, but to be honest I am NOT the biggest fan of heights. And carrying a fairly big two year old up a skinny flight of stairs that over look a spooky corn maze.....then gettting to the top and figuring out the exact science of putting the sack down and simultaneously plunking my big ole booty and Brooklynn down on that thing without it taking off with us half on??!! Not my favorite thing:) But the smile it put on that child's face, and the pure laughter of enjoyment I heard as we glided down the slide to stop right in front of Gramma and Pappa??!! Worth every penny and every heartskipping beat!

Last Saturday Brooklynn spent all day with her Grandparents, I was invited to the Washington vs. Oregon game up at UW. Thanks Becky:) It was my first time at Husky stadium and I must say I had a really nice time! No rain, not too cold at all, GREAT company and a couple cold beers! Although UW kinda alot....we made the best out of a Mommy's Day Out and spent much of our time just catching up....

When I arrived to pick little miss bug up it was fairly late and I don't think she was expecting me, I rarely am away from her except daycare...and believe me I appreciate my "alone time", but I honestly miss my daughter and absolutely LOVE that first running jump hug into my arms when I see her!!!!

So Halloween is in T-minus say three days?? And B just adores her Ladybug costume, its so cute because she is now at the age where she actually gets it..and wants to ear her costume all of the time.... Unfortunately during the "trial" run of costume fitting at our home...she decided she loved it so much she wouldnt take it off... Until she had a "blow out" in it and I had to hand wash the croch of the ladybug costume!!! Can you say YUCK and good thing it fits like a glove, pretty sure they wouldnt have wanted me to return that one:)

One last thing....Brooklynn is POTTY TRAINING FINALLY!!!! I didn't want to push it or rush it , so I gave her her time, talked to daycare and her doctor and of course some of my friends...and this last Monday she actually stayed dry all day long!!! She is even going #2 in the potty!!!! Although she still has her moments, we have only been doing it for two weeks and I truly feel like B is a smart cookie and we will be out if those pull ups and into big girl roos in NO time!!!!


  1. Hey Katie! I didn't even know you started a blog! Dont feel so bad...I don't think I"ve updated in over a month either! Ha! Sometimes..blogging is just not priority:) But it's always fun to catch up. Glad to hear all is well, sorry about your job:( Good luck in your search!

  2. Need more blogging! :) You have free time now! :) Except I can't remember if you have the internet or not...oh well. LOOKING good sista! See you soon